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How COVID-19 Has Changed the Pool Industry – and How This Affects You

Have you tried to buy or install a pool over the last year or two? If you have, you’ve probably been told the same thing that thousands of Canadians and Americans have: that you’re at the back of a lengthy wait list.

It’s true – demand for pools has been at an all-time high, and if you suspect that COVID-19 has a hand to play in the demand, you’re absolutely right.

Read below to learn about why lines are long, from the chlorine shortage to border restrictions – plus, find out why you should book ASAP.

The Demand For Pools Has Increased

Think back to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sure, everyone’s experiences differed, but many people found themselves under quarantine and spending more time at home. When this happened, homeowners began thinking about their living spaces differently – or, specifically, they wanted their homes to be more comfortable during a time of such uncertainty.

As a result, more people became interested in pools. Other reasons for the surge in pool popularity include the following:

  • Since vacations were off-limits, a home pool would be the next best thing for many would-be travellers.

  • Community pools were inaccessible due to concerns of germs spreading.

  • Many expected multiple waves of the pandemic, leading to hot tub purchases for the winter.

  • Let’s face it – pools make everything more fun!

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Wait Lists

When demand increases, supply takes a hit – and that’s exactly what happened in the pool industry. Companies like ours worked extra hard to meet the needs of those hoping for a new pool. However, wait lists grew quickly to lengths we’ve never seen before. Some customers have been told to expect to wait for one or two years, but there are too many factors to narrow it down to a specific target.

To complicate things, the pool industry faced legal restrictions that made wait times longer. For example, many work sites deemed ‘not essential’ were shut down, and workers couldn’t attend to customers’ pool needs.

Manufacturing Limitations Complicated Everything

The pandemic also affected the manufacturing process. Since different pool parts and chemicals are made all over the world, they must be shipped to their eventual homes. Plenty of borders either closed entirely or faced tight restrictions, making it difficult to get access to these materials. Production also slowed down in a lot of the facilities that produce these materials.

The 2020 Chlorine Shortage

As if there wasn’t enough going on in the world, Louisiana and adjacent states suffered a hurricane in August 2020. Called ‘Hurricane Laura,’ it left damage on a chemical plant known for producing a large chunk of North America’s chlorine supply. As a result, the pool industry had trouble accessing this important chemical and bringing it to customers.

Cost Increases

With all of these factors considered, the cost of most pool-related materials has increased – adding one more layer of stress to the equation.

How Long Should You Expect to Wait?

As it stands, pool owners and hopefuls have been told to wait for 1-2 years. However, as various parts of the world are able to tackle issues revolving around the pandemic, your wait time might shorten. We recommend asking directly for a status update when speaking to a pool industry professional.

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Should I Still Try to Get A Pool?

Yes! We can’t stress enough that the wait will be worth it. The sooner you add yourself to the wait list, the sooner you’ll finally get the sparkling pool you’ve been waiting for.

Homeowners know that every upgrade, addition or installment is an investment. A pool is an investment that pays off on every hot summer day.

What If You Need Pool Maintenance?

Pool care professionals are still able to offer you their expert help with your pool. However, some of the materials required for maintenance may be hard to access. Ask your pool care professional what they can do – even in a difficult time for the pool industry, it’s always worth a try.


The COVID-19 pandemic changed all of our lives in some way. For pool care specialists like us, we’ve been challenged to support our customers as best as we can, despite the difficulties that have followed the pandemic.

Long story short, wait times for pools are longer than ever before. Still, it’s 100 percent worth it to add yourself to a wait list if you’re interested in getting a pool. We recommend acting fast.

As always, reach out to us if you have any pool-related concerns.