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Keep your swimming pool safety covers in tact all winter long with these tips.

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safety Cover Intact All Winter Long

Snow is on the ground and pools are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your pool all winter. A large part of pool closing is taking care of your safety cover throughout the off-season. Swimming pool safety covers keep pools clean and safe, but only if they are in good condition. So follow these tips throughout the winter to keep your swimming pool safety cover working effectively for longer.

Mark the Edges of the Cover

Throughout the winter, snow will blanket your pool cover, making it invisible in your backyard. To prevent damage to your cover—i.e. from walking on it or shovelling it—you should clearly mark the perimeter of your pool cover before the snow gets too thick. You can plant stakes in your lawn around the pool cover and connect them with rope or twine to form a safety barrier. This will keep you and others from walking or playing on the cover during the winter.

Keep an Even Tension

For solid safety covers, keep each of the springs at an even tension as the others—about halfway expanded. You will also need to adjust the straps throughout the winter to keep the cover taught and to make sure there are no gaps for small animals and children to get into.

Maintain the Right Water Level

Although you will likely drain some of the water during pool closing, make sure to keep enough water in your pool to support your safety cover during heavy snowfalls. If the water level is too low, your cover is at risk of collapsing and damage. But the water shouldn’t touch the safety cover either. A rule of thumb is to drain the water to below the skimmer.

Clear Off the Cover

Twigs, leaves, branches, and other debris will accumulate on top of your cover and around the straps and springs. Gently clean the cover when this happens using a leaf blower, a leaf net, or a soft-bristled pool brush. Dirt and debris may cause damage or get into your pool if left on your cover.

Inspect for Holes

Holes in your swimming pool safety cover can grow over time, especially with the weight of snow. So to avoid a costly repair or replacement, keep an eye out for holes and use safety cover patches to repair them.

Some Snow is Okay

Securely attached safety covers that are in good condition should be able to withstand the weight of snow in the winter. So don’t worry about clearing the snow off every time it snows. But if you happen to notice that snow is weighing down your cover, gently clear it off and adjust the straps to keep it from sinking into your pool.

Swimming pool safety covers are ideal for keeping pools safe and clean, but they can’t do their jobs well if they are not secure. Make sure your cover is in good condition all winter long, so it can keep protecting your pool, pets, and family for many seasons to come.

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