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Swimming pool safety covers can help protect your pool from harsh winter weather.

Should You Cover Or Drain Your Above-Ground Pool In An Ottawa Winter?

Save yourself time and money in the spring by properly winterizing your above-ground pool as the season change in Ottawa. Harsh winters carry the risk of serious damage to any pool in the event of freezing water. When it comes to winterizing an above ground pool in Ottawa, you have two choices: drain and store it, or protect it by installing swimming pool safety covers. Let’s take a closer look at these options:

Draining and Storage

Before draining your above-ground pool, make sure to check the water’s chemistry level. If its pH level is very low or if the chlorine levels are up, you should treat it prior to draining. Also, take a look at the city’s bylaws with regards to pool water disposal. The City of Ottawa website has helpful advice when it comes to pool and hot tub maintenance and draining.

Completely drain the pool and try drying it off using a wet/dry vacuum, towels, or let the sun do the job. It’s best to store a pool structure at room temperature, although it’s not always feasible. Check for nesting birds, mice, or other critters to minimize your spring cleaning.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Due to the size of most pools and limited storage options for many Ottawa homeowners, it may not be practical to pack up your above-ground pool each winter. If that’s the case for you, investing in swimming pool safety covers is a worthwhile option.

Safety covers are not just a great investment for improving the safety features of your pool (especially worthwhile if you have small pets or young children). They can also make a big difference when the snow starts to fall, protecting your pool from overflowing and freezing.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when selecting your safety covers:

  • Are custom sizes available to ensure a perfect fit? What kind of warrant does the cover have?
  • Is the cover manufactured according to safety regulations?
  • Does the swimming pool safety cover support weight? If so, how much?
  • Has the product been tested in extremely harsh weather conditions (considering Ottawa’s long and cold winters)?
  • Finally, are you able to choose from a variety of designs and colours to match your exterior

Before covering your pool, balance the water chemistry and consider adding a winterizing chemical kit. Contact your local pool experts for details, more information on pool safety cover options, or to discuss how best to store your above-ground pool in Ottawa this winter. Get years of enjoyment with proper pool maintenance.