inground bean shaped swimming pool with secure pool cover for winterization

Swimming Pool Winter Closing Guide

How to Close a Swimming Pool for the Winter With winter approaching, pool owners sadly need to close down their pool and say goodbye until the spring. However, you can’t just simply stop using your pool and wait for winter to end. Closing your pool for winter requires multiple vital steps to protect your pool […]

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presents wrapped in brown paper piled infront of blue backdrop

Holiday Gift Guide for Pool and Hot Tub Owners

Gift Ideas That Will Wow the Pool Owner In Your Life The holidays are coming, and that means it’s time to do some holiday shopping. Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves their pool or hot tub? There are plenty of great gifts that can enhance any pool, from fun add-ons to […]

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woman and two children sit in a hot tube in the winter

Hot Tubbing in the Winter

How to Prep Your Hot Tub for Winter Use As winter looms nearby, the thought of soaking in a warm hot tub can help ease the sting of cold weather restrictions and painful chores like dealing with snow and shortened days. But before you jump into your home hot tub system, there are a series […]

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what you need to know about hot tub ownership

Hot Tub 101

The Beginner’s Guide to Hot Tub Ownership While owning a hot tub is a great luxury and an easy escape from stress, there are still a lot of important things to take into consideration when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Make the most out of your home spa with this guide that explains the […]

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view of water cleaning items and chemicals for chlorine and saltwater pools

Saltwater Vs. Chlorine Pools

Which Will You Choose for Your Inground Pool? An inground swimming pool is a great addition to your home when you have the space for it. But there are a lot of questions that go into considering pool ownership, like what type of inground pool are you going to opt for? Will you be filling […]

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workers from Poolarama build stairs for an inground swimming pool

Factors to Consider Before Building an Inground Pool

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Pool Prep Before Diving In Once you’ve decided to build an inground or semi-inground pool in your yard, it’s easy to let the excitement take over and feel the need to dive right in and get started. However, there are many factors to consider before investing in a pool, […]

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When to Replace Your Vinyl Pool Liner

Knowing When A Problem is Fixable and When It’s Time to Kiss Your Old Liner Goodbye Your vinyl pool liner is one of the most important components of any pool, but the time will eventually come where you need to explore the possibility of having it replaced. The average life expectancy of your vinyl pool […]

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couple smiling and touching foreheads in hot tub

Health Benefits of Using Your Hot Tub During the Summer

Don’t Pack It In Just Yet – Here’s Why Hot Tubbing Should Be a Year-Round Activity! As spring turns into summer, you may be looking at your hot tub and thinking it’s time to pack it in for the season. Well, think again! Believe it or not, soaking in your hot tub does not necessarily […]

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outdoor hot tub with wooden deck

How to Conserve Water and Energy While Using Your Hot Tub

Tips for Being Eco-Friendly When Using Your Hot Tub Love soaking in your hot tub but are concerned about the potential environmental impact? Don’t be! Contrary to what you may have been told, you don’t need to sacrifice being environmentally friendly in order to continue using your hot tub. Here’s a look at the different […]

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close up of inground pool vinyl liner with bubbles

Top Considerations for Choosing a Vinyl Inground Pool Liner

With So Many Options to Choose from, Here are Tips for Finding the Best Liner for You and Your Pool When choosing a vinyl pool liner, the possibilities are truly endless. From colour and pattern to texture and thickness, you have the opportunity to customize your pool liner to your specific tastes. But how do […]

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