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swimming pool safety covers

When it comes to swimming pool equipment, your goal should always be “safety first.” As a pool owner, you owe it to your family, friends and neighbours to keep everything in and around the pool safe and sound. Swimming pool safety covers are an important piece of swimming pool equipment since a proper cover helps keep the pool protected from the elements and prevents accidents.

There are many types of swimming pool safety covers, all of which work to benefit the pool water cleaning and heating. Prices for swimming pool safety covers depend on the size of pool you have, as well as the amount of effort you want to put into taking it on and off. Here are two types of swimming pool safety covers and some of the benefits of each:


Mesh pool covers are made of fine, lightweight mesh. When you open your pool in the spring, you may need to clean the pool thoroughly if you have a mesh cover, but this type of swimming pool equipment requires less work during winter. These types of covers keep most dirt and debris out of the pool and are easy to take off, though you may still have to sweep through some fine dirt that gets through. Although the name suggests a light layer, mesh covers are still effective at keeping people and pets out of the pool too.


Unlike mesh covers, solid swimming pool safety covers usually require a pump to get rid of the water that pools on top. As the name implies, solid safety covers provide a “solid” sealed barrier, most often made of vinyl, over the pool. This will keep sunlight, dirt and other water from getting into the pool. Compared to mesh safety pool covers, solid covers are heavier and require an installation by swimming pool equipment professionals and some maintenance during the winter.

Keep in mind that in order for a pool cover to be considered a “safety cover” it must be able to handle a certain amount of weight, have no spaces for anyone to fall through and have adequate draining. In some instances, you can even combine the two types of covers for added protection. Check with a swimming pool equipment specialist to make sure your pool cover is certified safe!