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Hot tubs in Ottawa this summer

Make the Most of Your Hot Tub This Summer with These Handy Tips

Summer in Ottawa can be scorching hot, reaching the high 30s and even 40s during our heat waves. And while most of us choose to sit in front of air conditioners and try not to melt away, there are some other useful ways to beat the heat in the summer months.

If you have a hot tub in Ottawa, or are planning to buy one, your hot tub can come in handy. They can be used not only to relax after a long day at work, but also to cool down. Yes, hot tubs can cool you down when the weather is unbearably hot. And if you’re not up for a hot soak in the heat, you can also turn your hot tub into a cool tub. So make the most of hot tubs in Ottawa this summer with these handy tips.

Cool Off in Your Hot Tub

Believe it or not, soaking in a hot tub will help you cool down in the extreme summer heat. If you set your hot tub temperate to between 34˚C (94˚F) and 38˚C (100˚F) and have a 15-minute soak, you will feel much cooler and refreshed once you get out. To make the most of this relaxing time, make sure to hydrate with water before and after your soak, and avoid drinking alcohol while in your hot tub.

Turn Your Hot Tub into A Cool Tub

You can also lower your hot tub temperature to 29˚C (85˚F), or turn the heater off completely, to turn your hot tub into a cool tub. Run the jets during cooler evening temperatures with the cover off to quickly reduce the temperature of the water. And when you’re not using your hot tub, keep the cover on to keep the water cool and clean. Hot tubs are well-insulated so heat from the sun and surrounding concrete won’t heat the water, especially if you keep the cover on when you’re not using it.

Ottawa heat waves can also place a huge demand on our hydro grid since so many residents and businesses are using air conditioners during peak consumption times. If you turn your hot tub into a cool tub, you will reduce your energy consumption and save on your energy bills.

Whether you decide to cool off in a hot tub or a cool tub, you can relax in your hot tub this summer. Hot tubs can be enjoyed year-round, so make the most of it, even in the Ottawa summer heat.