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It's almost time to get inground pools in Ottawa ready for opening!

A Few Tips to Prepare Your Pool for the Big Opening this Spring

With the first day of spring only a couple of weeks away, pool opening time is just around the corner. And since algae blooms love warm water, it’s best to open your pool as early as possible. Consider opening once the warm days of spring are here to stay.

Before you open for the season, there are a few things you can do to help make your pool opening go smoothly. By taking care of a few tasks leading up to the big day, you can save yourself from unexpected delays.

Here are a few tips to prepare above-ground and inground pools in Ottawa for the big opening this spring.

Clean Around the Pool and Deck

As the snow starts to melt, you will likely notice debris around your pool, on your deck, and in your landscaping. There may even be some debris littered on your pool cover. This includes branches, leaves, and garbage that have blown into your yard.

Take this time before your pool opening to clean up your yard and all the debris that has made its way around your pool. When you’re ready to store your pool cover, give it a thorough cleaning and let it air dry before storing it. You can also use this spring cleaning time to trim trees, shrubs, and other landscaping.

Do a Basic Inspection

Inspect your pool for any damage so you can make repairs and start enjoying your pool come time to swim. Look for signs of damage, such as:

  • Excessive wear and tear;
  • Small cracks;
  • Chipped tiles; and,
  • Mold and mildew growth.

If you notice any damage, repair the damage before it gets worse.

Get Your Equipment Ready

When the temperature stays above zero, replace all winterizing plugs with drain plugs. This includes the plugs in the:

  • Filter
  • Heater
  • Pump
  • Pool cleaners, and
  • Other winterized equipment.

Start installing deck equipment, such as railings, slides, deck chairs, and a pool fence. Check the equipment for signs of damage before installation. If you’re concerned about the condition it’s in, consider replacing it before you open your pool.

Before the big day, reinstall the pool equipment following the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes the pool heater, pump, and filtration system. Do an inspection of this equipment and check:

  • The filters for wear and tear;
  • The basket strainers for cracks;
  • For leaks near the electrical connections; and,
  • That all lines are clear of debris and open.

Lastly, clean the pool surfaces and equipment with a pool brush. And then finish with an automatic pool cleaner. This will clean any traces of dirt, debris, and mildew, so your pool will be in top condition for opening time.

Follow these steps if you have above-ground and inground pools in Ottawa. By taking care of these few things leading up to the big day, pool opening season will be a breeze.