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Three poolside deck chairs sit on a stone patio by the side of a clear, beautiful azure pool.

Luxurious & Convenient Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2018

This summer, add a splash of luxury to your backyard with a new or upgraded swimming pool.

Swimming pool designs have never been classier. And with smart home technology, owning a swimming pool has never been easier.

Contact Ottawa pool companies to start planning your new pool and backyard design. And consider this year’s design trends to add comfort, convenience, and luxury to your backyard oasis.

Dark Coloured Pool Surfaces

Dark colours are in for 2018.

Dark colours for pool walls and liners create the serene look of natural bodies of water that blend into backyard landscapes.

The natural appearance of these dark colours is more relaxing for swimmers compared to the bright, vibrant blues.

Dark colours also absorb more of the sun’s heat energy, making for a natural pool heating source and comfortable water to swim in.

Dark pool colours that are trending this year include:

  • Navy, azure, and cobalt blue
  • Deep blues and sea greens reminiscent of the ocean
  • Greys and blacks, evoking the look of a lagoon

If you already have a pool and you’re looking for an upgrade, Ottawa pool companies can resurface your pool with a chosen darker colour to get the most out of this luxury design trend.

Pool Automation

Thanks to new technology, pool ownership just got a whole lot easier. Never again will you need to interrupt your relaxation time by the pool.

Automated swimming pool equipment, such as automatic pool vacuums, will clean your pool for you.

With your smartphone, tablet, or home computer, you can monitor and control your backyard music and lighting alongside your pool:

  • Safety cover
  • Pump
  • Temperature
  • Chemical levels
  • Water features
  • Lighting
  • Cleaning system

You just need to download a pool automation app on your device.

Aside from convenience, automated pool systems also help to conserve energy.

Instead of leaving your pool pump on all day while you’re at work and during peak energy times, you can turn it off and adjust its speed with your phone when needed.

You can also turn on your pool heater when it’s close to the time you plan to get in your pool, instead of turning it on hours before.

Pool systems can also be scheduled or set on a timer to turn on and off at certain times, so you won’t waste energy and money running your systems for longer than necessary.

Sun Shelves

Sun shelves are flat, shallow ledges along a pool’s interior side. These are also known as tanning ledges or Baja shelves.

These shallow ledges of the pool are easily accessible and versatile. They are ideal for small kids to play on while parents sit close by.

Sun shelves are also great to lounge on. You can lounge on the ledge itself while partially immersed in the water or set up lounging chairs on the ledge so only your feet get wet.

Sun shelves also provide an appealing visual contrast to the pool’s elevation.

Stone and Landscaping Features

Natural, earthy landscaping around pools is a relaxing backyard trend.

Green vegetation and ornamental grasses around pools evoke the look of a lagoon or oasis while providing extra privacy. And natural stone adds to the natural landscape, making a backyard feel more in touch with nature.

Excellent additions to a landscape include rock waterfalls, smooth stone pavers, and large rocks and boulders scattered naturally around the yard, patio, and pool area.

To illuminate the landscape and pool area at night while adding a festive touch, outdoor LED lights are the way to go. These are the most energy-efficient, versatile, and durable option.

Some exterior pool and backyard lighting trends include:

  • LED strips around the perimeter of the pool enclosure;
  • LED strips around bushes, shrubs, and vegetation for a warm, subtle glow in the garden and along paths; and,
  • LED lighting on or along stone walkways for safety, convenience, and atmosphere.

With a well-lit backyard, you can entertain and enjoy your outdoor oasis to the fullest day and night, all summer long.

Once summer is over, the lighting will still keep your backyard festive and illuminated so you can enjoy the outdoor space year-round.

Fire Features

For natural lighting, enjoy nights by the pool with the warm glow of a fire. Fire bowls, fire pits, and outdoor wood-burning fireplaces are a popular pool trend that offers a welcome contrast of fire and water, along with a warm, cozy atmosphere.

While LED lighting creates an ambiance around the landscape, the warm yellow and orange flames of fire illuminate pool areas in a unique, mesmerizing way.

Fire features can be enjoyed year-round, especially in the winter when relaxing in hot tubs in Ottawa.

This year’s swimming pool trends will enhance your overall backyard and pool experience, adding convenience, comfort, and luxury in a serene natural setting. Even once summer has passed, you can enjoy many of these features year-round.

Contact your local pool service experts in Ottawa to add a splash of luxury to your backyard this summer.