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A smiling woman in a yellow bathing suit floats on an inflatable pool chair, enjoying herself thanks to smart swimming pool equipment.

Reduce Pool Expenses and Energy Costs with Smart Swimming Pool Equipment & Accessories

While a backyard pool is a true luxury, it comes at a price – literally!

Ignoring regular maintenance and repair expenses, energy and water bill costs add up.

Thankfully, there are ways to cut down on these expenses and energy costs.

Installing the right pool equipment can help you keep a closer eye on common issues while fine-tuning how your pool runs to keep your bills low.

And you can make use of handy equipment to easily maintain your pool all summer long so it stays in pristine condition. A few water saving strategies can reduce your bills, but why not take greater control?

Investing in a smart water pump and swimming pool control system lets you fine-tune how your pool runs to help you save up to 90% in energy costs per year.

Plus, these smart pumps offer easy and convenient control via a phone app. You can control the speed of your pump, the temperature of your pool, and your pool lights to save energy.

How Pools Contribute to Energy Costs

Along with water, pools also use up a lot of energy leading to hefty hydro bills all summer long.

And it’s not just the pool pump that is to blame for these high energy costs. All pool equipment that uses electricity plays a role in these costs, especially if left on by accident during peak hours.

Of all swimming pool equipment and accessories, the following are the main culprits for high energy consumption.

Pool Pumps

When it comes to home energy consumption, pool pumps follow air conditioners as the leading users of energy in the summer.

Older, single-speed pool pumps are the least energy efficient since they run on one high speed for the entire time they’re on. And they’re usually on for a good eight hours per day during the busy swimming season.

While you could run your old pool pump during off-peak hours at night to reduce your energy costs, the noise will likely keep you and your neighbours up. So there’s no winning with an old pump.


If you live in Ottawa, there’s a good chance your pool water gets cold at times throughout the swimming season. This is where pool heaters come in handy, especially on cool evenings.

But sometimes the pool heater gets left on by accident overnight and into the next day, using up more energy and racking up your bills. The costs of heating a pool will add to the high costs of energy consumption to operate your pool.


Pool lighting sets the mood and keeps pools safe at night. But like heaters, you could forget to switch off your lights and pay for it on your next hydro bill.

Added Benefits of Smart Pumps

Smart pumps allow for greater control over your pump’s schedule and the rest of your pool equipment.

You can control your pump, heater, pool lights, booster pump, and even your backyard lights with the tap of a screen.

Smart pump systems allow for easy, remote control of your pool, including:

  • An app on your smartphone;
  • Online via the system manufacturer’s website;
  • On devices connected to your wireless home network—bridging your home network with the pool automation system; and,
  • Using a home automation system, such as Amazon Alexa, integrated with your pool automation system.

All information about your pump’s performance is available at your fingertips. You can see if it needs maintenance, and you can adjust and override your pump’s current settings. This helps you ensure your pump is working well and for the right amount of time to keep your pool clean.

This control system automates all pool functions, including sanitation, filtration, and themes.

An energy-efficient smart pump system will let you monitor and control:

  • pH levels,
  • Chemical automation,
  • Chlorination,
  • Filtration systems,
  • Temperature settings,
  • Pump speeds,
  • Valves,
  • Diagnostics, and
  • Mood settings—i.e. coloured LED lighting in your pool and backyard lighting.

Convenient Smartphone Integration

You can use your smartphone to reduce your energy consumption and costs from anywhere with an Internet connection.

To offset the high energy demand of the main pool culprits with you smartphone, you can:

  • Adjust pump speed, or simply turn off your pump;
  • Turn lights on and off; and
  • Turn your pool heater on and off, and set your pool’s water temperature.

This control is especially convenient when you’re:

Out/At Work

Turn on your pool heater on a chilly day while you’re on your way home from work.

You’re Out of Town

Make sure your pool system is functioning properly while you’re out of town so you don’t have to worry about coming home to a green, algae-filled pool.

You’re At Home

Simply turn your pool’s pump, heater, and lights on or off from inside your home.

You can turn everything on ahead of time while you’re preparing for a swim.

And you can switch everything off at night when you’re tired and ready for bed instead of having to go outside.

If you’re looking to reduce energy costs this summer, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient, smart pool pump.

You can also enjoy the added convenience of monitoring and control of your pool system anywhere, any time.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool is functioning properly and you aren’t wasting energy.