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Want to make the most of hot tubs in Ottawa winter weather? Here are a few tips and points to start at.

Tips for Enjoying Your Hot Tub in the Cold Winter Months

Hot tubs in Ottawa offer relaxation all year round, even when the temperature drops. While the winter weather may be too cold for other activities, relaxing in a hot tub is perfect for a cold winter evening. But there are a few things you should consider beforehand to make sure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable hot tub experience. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your hot tub to the fullest in Ottawa’s cold winter months.

Clear A Path To Your Hot Tub

Whether your hot tub is a few feet away from your house or further away in your backyard, keep a clear, safe path to your hot tub. Shovel and salt the pathway as you would regularly shovel your front walkway so you can easily walk to your hot tub whenever the mood strikes. Instead of walking in deep snow, or on slippery ice, you can walk to and from your hot tub without freezing your feet or falling.

Maintain A Warm Body Temperature

Avoid exposing your skin to the cold winter temperatures by covering up before and after you use the hot tub. Keep your body temperature up in a bathrobe or towel, and protect your feet with slippers or sandals. A hat is also useful for keeping your head warm, dry, and protected from the cold while sitting in the hot tub. If you have long hair, consider keeping it tied up under a hat so your hair won’t get wet and freeze.

Keep Towels & Robes Warm

Keep your towels and robes dry and heated with a towel warmer near your hot tub. A towel warmer will prevent your towels from freezing in the cold temperatures and will help keep your body warm when you get out of the hot tub. If you don’t have a towel heater, you can warm up your towels and robes in the dryer prior to going outside.

Lower Energy Costs

Insulated hot tubs and covers will help keep the energy costs down while using your hot tub in Ottawa’s cold winters. The insulation keeps the water warmer for longer by preventing heat from escaping when your hot tub is not in use. Also, keep your cover clear of ice and snow so it’s secure at all times to effectively protect and insulate your hot tub.

So even when it’s unbearably cold, you can still stay warm, comfortable, and relaxed in Ottawa hot tubs this winter. Keep these tips in mind so you can enjoy your hot tub to the fullest all winter long.