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Hot tubs in Ottawa need a few considerations during installation.

Tips For Preparing Your Yard for Hot Tub Installation

Although it might be hard to believe, the warm weather won’t last as September rolls by. Cool nights are becoming more and more common in Ottawa, hot tub relaxation at the end of a long day is sure to be more and more appealing to the city’s residents. Although hot tub installation is a pretty straightforward process, especially with help from professionals, choosing and preparing a location requires a fair amount of planning, thought, and foresight. Here are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration or prepare in advance when preparing your property for a new hot tub:

Location, Location, Location

When you choose a location for your hot tub, you’re going to want to think about how it defines a space, and how the tub’s design and décor will affect the look and feel of your backyard. You might also want to consider the distance between your home and the hot tub, as Ottawa winters can make a twenty-foot distance feel like a mile.

Electrical Prep

Getting a hot tub connected can be expensive, so proximity to your home will save on costs associated with wiring. Don’t sacrifice an ideal location in an attempt to cut costs, though, as you’ll certainly regret it in the long run. Make sure the wiring is prepared in advance of the tub’s installation, as it’ll save you a ton of time and make sure your installation is as straightforward as possible.

Pads, Placement, And Levels

The dream location is always going to require some work to get it ready for a hot tub. Make sure the ground is level (you can always build up or decrease the surrounding landscape, or install a concrete pad for greater stability) before any installation work. Hot tubs are a great addition to decks, too, but keep in mind that any deck will have to support itself, occupants, a tub, and the weight of water—plus a healthy amount of snow in an Ottawa winter.

Keep these things in mind before installing your hot tub to ensure as smooth and worry-free an experience as possible. If you have any questions about installing hot tubs in Ottawa, don’t hesitate to contact your local pool and hot tub experts; they’ll be happy to assist and will lead you in the right direction. Before you know it, you’ll be spending chilly nights warming up in a restful and relaxing hot tub.