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Tips & Tricks To Repairing Them

While you may not think that Canada has a ton of pools because of how cold it can get during so many months of the year, there are many reasons to have a pool anyway! And many Canadians do.

You can have a blast during summer with your kids, entertain guests, and cool off in the hot sun. But when it comes to putting a swimming pool cover on the pool, there may be some issues with it which can get a bit frustrating.

But don’t fret. These issues are quite common and there are solutions! Read on to learn more about the common pool cover issues and what you can do about each of them.

1. Having the Pool Cover Get Covered With Snow or Water

During the summer months, you have to worry about too much water gathering on the pool cover. During winter, too much snow may gather on top of the pool cover.

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When either of these happens, it makes the pool cover sag with the extra weight on it, which can eventually cause it to rip. If it doesn’t rip and you leave the water or melted snow on the cover, it can also cause more problems like attracting worms and other insects, as well as birds that can peck right through the cover (which would cause even more issues).

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What you do not want to do is try to shovel off the snow or water since this can cause damage. If you have a sagging cover because of snow, wait until it melts. When it is water, you can remove it with a water pump to get the excess water and weight off the top of it before it rips.

2. Covered in Debris

Another common issue with a pool cover is how often it gets covered with debris like leaves and dirt from the yard. You don’t want to leave this on the cover, either, as it can also become heavy and cause rips (especially if sticks are sharp and poke right through it!).

Remove the debris with a pool rake and pool net from on top of the cover.

3. The Cover Slips Into the Pool

Another common issue with pool covers is that they can easily slip into the pool. If this happens, you have multiple problems on your hands, one of which is that the pool cover is no longer covering the pool.

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Another is that everything that was on top of the cover – water, snow, or debris – is now in the pool. This can cause problems with your pool, like algae growth from what was originally on top of the pool cover.

On top of that, there are now gaps in the sides where children and pets can easily fall into if they are not careful and you are not watching them. You’ll want to resecure it right away.

But before you do, you need to clean the excess debris out of the pool. Once you do that, you’ll need to recover the pool and weigh it down on the sides more than before so that it doesn’t slip in. Be sure not to use any items that could cause more damage to the pool if it did slip again.

Having a professional pool cover service do this for you may be your best option so that this issue doesn’t happen again.

4. An Automatic Cover May Not Open or Close

If you have an automatic pool cover, it can suddenly stop opening or closing. That’s especially unfortunate because you’re probably trying to open it before people come over or you want to use the pool. Then, you’re probably trying to close it when you no longer need it, but it won’t budge.

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This can happen for several reasons. One reason may be that a breaker tripped so there is no power going to the appliance. Be sure to check the breakers to fix the problem.

You also may be looking at a broken rope that won’t pull the cover, or the cover could be off tracks so it won’t move.

To figure out what is going wrong if it is not from a loss of power, you’ll need a professional service like Poolarama to come out and look to help with repairs.

5. Rips or Tears in the Cover

If there are rips or tears on the cover that does not mean it is unusable.

Instead, you just want to ensure you fix it as soon as possible so they do not get worse. You can patch some rips and tears with a pool patch kit if they are small enough, otherwise, you will need to have them fully repaired. If you do not get the repairs done when you should, it will likely rip even more which means you’ll be on the hook for more costly repairs down the line.

Swimming Pool Cover Problems and Solutions

Now that you know some of the most common swimming pool cover problems, you’ve probably been nodding your head at half of them since you’ve had one of these problems happen to you before.

The good news is now you know what you need to do if one of these problems arises again.

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If this happens to your pool safety cover, you may want to call a professional to come to take a look or help you repair it right away. You can contact us at Poolarama about any of your pool service needs!