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Hot tubs in Ottawa winters present a fantastic opportunity to relax and reap the benefits of thermotherapy.

How A Hot Tub Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health During the Winter

Thermotherapy, also known as heat therapy, has many various techniques, from a simple hot water bottle for cramps and aches to sitting in a hot tub or sauna to relieve arthritis pain. Thermotherapy is not only a popular form of pain relief and relaxation, but it also has many health benefits. Hot tubs in Ottawa can provide many health benefits of thermotherapy, and not just during our frigid winters. To escape the dreary cold, sit back, relax, and take in the many benefits of thermotherapy in a hot tub this winter.

Boost Your Immune System

When your body is immersed in constant heat, your skin and core temperatures rise This fever-like state will cause a boost in your immune system, leading to better resistance to the flu, colds, bacteria, and other viruses.

Promote Detoxification

Constant heat from thermotherapy increases sweating and releases toxins from our bodies. This detoxification can improve our overall health and body function.

Improve Cardiovascular Performance

The heat of hot tubs increases blood circulation, allowing for more oxygen to reach the lungs and heart. This can improve lung capacity and cardiovascular performance, which is especially useful for athletes.

Promote Healing

Athletes also use thermotherapy to recover from exercise pains and injuries. The improved blood circulation relieves inflammation and joint and muscle pain, and speeds up recovery for injuries and torn muscles.

Pain Relief

This relief of inflammation is especially useful for those who are suffering from chronic pain, such as arthritis and back pain. The heat and increased circulation to problem areas can provide noticeable pain relief.

Improve Mental Health

The relaxation of thermotherapy through hot tubs provides significant stress relief, which protects the body and the mind from the harmful effects of stress. Hot tub therapy also reduces insomnia and improves appetites by promoting digestion and reducing stress-related appetite and digestion problems.

Other Benefits

Other benefits to thermotherapy include improved memory, toning the skin, and remineralization of the body.

If you want to experience the soothing effects of thermotherapy in your backyard this winter, hot tubs in Ottawa are recommended instead of pools. Hot tubs are easier to maintain and to heat, providing enough heat to truly benefit from the many positive physical and mental health effects. If you’re in pain, stressed out, or can’t sleep or eat, a soak in a hot tub will help relax your mind and muscles, while improving circulation and providing pain relief.