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View of a backyard pool between two pool chairs and a side table filled with refreshments

Understanding What Goes into Owning & Buying Swimming Pools in Ottawa

Now that summer is coming to an end, the busy pool-building season is winding down. But fall is actually one of the best seasons to buy inground pools in Ottawa. Pool builders tend to have more availability plus the ground hasn’t frozen yet. And, more importantly, a pool built in the fall will undoubtedly be ready to use come the first warm days next year.

But before you start buying swimming pools in Ottawa, it’s essential to do some research. Along with making a budget and choosing a pool that suits your needs, you should also take the time to consider these answers to commonly asked questions about building a pool.

A pool is a significant investment, so it’s worth it to consider all the costs and benefits to feel confident in your decision.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Inground Pool?

While the average starting cost to install an inground pool is around $25,000, the total cost will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Size and shape;
  • Landscape—e.g. level or sloped backyard;
  • Depth—including uniform depth and varied depth (with a deep end and a shallow end);
  • Building material type—e.g. concrete, gunite, vinyl-liner, or fibreglass;
  • Surface material type—e.g. vinyl, plaster, or glass tile;
  • Pool type—e.g. standard, infinity edge, or lap pool;
  • Pump and filtration system;
  • Heater;
  • Sanitation type—chlorine or saltwater;
  • Electrical and plumbing requirements;
  • Whether you opt for added features—e.g. water features, diving boards, tanning beds, slides, handrails, lighting, and automated pool systems;
  • Safety features—e.g. building a fence around the pool; and,
  • Optional backyard landscaping.

Once you’ve decided on the type of pool you want, how you plan to use it, and its depth and size, then you can get a quote from expert pool builders. A quote will help you decide whether the pool you want is within your budget.

If it’s not in your budget, consider making changes, such as eliminating features you don’t need, choosing a different material, or reducing its size.

Do Swimming Pools Add Value to Your Home?

Swimming pools are more likely to add value to your home in the following situations:

  • Most of your neighbours have pools, so not having a pool will make it harder to sell your home;
  • You live in an area where pools are a relief from the extreme heat, either down South or in Ottawa’s sweltering and uncomfortably humid summers;
  • You have enough space in your backyard to accommodate a pool and have open space for play, gardening, or a patio.

Under the right circumstances, a pool can increase a home’s value by an average of 7%. Along with situations mentioned above, these circumstances include:

  • The style of pool fits with the neighbourhood—e.g. Instead of opting for an above-ground pool in a neighbourhood with in-ground pools, you also choose an in-ground pool;
  • The pool is in excellent condition when you sell your home. Buyers don’t want dirty pools that are falling apart;
  • The pool is relatively new. Buyers also don’t want outdated pools from 20 years ago;
  • You attract the right buyer. Some people may not want a pool, believe it or not. But a pool can also be a major selling point for a home.

Most importantly, a pool will add value to your home for you and your family. It will improve your quality of life and enjoyment of your home.

How Will My Electrical Bill Be Affected?

Although homes with pools tend to use more electricity than homes without—up to 42% more—and a pool pump alone can cost $300 per year to run, you can keep these extra energy costs to a minimum if you run your pool equipment wisely.

A smart pump system will help you save energy and overall costs, reducing the pool’s energy consumption by up to 90%. These energy-efficient pool systems ensure your equipment doesn’t run all day, especially during peak energy hours.

You can control all pool systems remotely using an app on your phone or tablet, including the pump and filtration, lighting, heater, and sanitation. So if you accidentally leave your pump running and you’re already on your way to work, you can easily switch it off for the day with the tap of a button.

How Long Does It Take to Build A Swimming Pool?

It usually takes several weeks to build a pool. But the time it takes to build your pool will depend on the type of pool you buy and the season.

Inground pools take longer to build compared to above-ground or on-ground pools because they require ground excavation first. Inground pools are also permanent home installations, so they are more complicated to build.

Also, if you choose to build your pool in the spring or summer, expect to wait longer than in the fall. Spring and summer are the busiest pool-building seasons, so pool builders don’t have as much availability in their schedules. You can expect to wait weeks to start building, on top of the weeks it will take to build (depending on the pool type).

How Much Does It Cost to Take Care of a Pool?

The costs for maintaining a pool may seem like a lot initially merely because there are quite a few important pieces of equipment you need to purchase right off the bat.

You will need to buy pool cleaning equipment, such as:

  • A skimmer net;
  • A soft pool brush;
  • A telescoping pole;
  • A pool vacuum; and,
  • A pool cover.

Each year, you will have to buy the following:

  • A pool water testing kit;
  • Pool chemicals to balance the water;
  • Chlorine, or salt if using a saltwater chlorinator;
  • Algaecide;
  • Enzymes;
  • Pool opening chemicals;
  • Pool closing chemicals; and,
  • Mid-winter chemicals.

Also, caring for pools doesn’t stop at pool closing. You’ll also have to care for your pool during the off-season. But if this seems like too much work you can avoid the hassle by hiring professional pool services in Ottawa to take care of your pool for you.

Building a pool in your backyard is a significant investment that requires a lot of careful thought and consideration. With thorough research and an understanding of the costs and benefits of pool ownership, you can build the pool you’ve always dreamed of with confidence knowing you are making the right decision.