Get the Most out of a Hot Tub, Ottawa

How One Soak in a Hot Tub Can Soothe Your Body and Your Mind Health is our greatest treasure in life—yet it’s also often something we don’t pay enough attention to until it’s gone. How often do we neglect to take care of our body and our mind on a daily basis and consider ourselves […]

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Tips for Winter Hot Tub Maintenance

These days if you have a hot tub in Ottawa, it’s probably getting a good amount of use. We’ve had one of the coldest winters in history and in my personal opinion, there’s no better time to use a hot tub in Ottawa than on those deathly cold winter nights. If you’ve got an active […]

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Things to Know About Moving Hot Tubs in Ottawa

When buying hot tubs in Ottawa, we aren’t necessarily thinking about moving it in the future. In fact, many people don’t know that a hot tub can be moved at all. Why should I move my hot tub? The reasons behind why hot tubs in Ottawa are moved are because the house has been sold, […]

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Can You Use Your Hot Tub In Winter?

Answers to Your Common Hot Tub Questions Canadians are used to long, cold winters. We’ve gotten used to dealing with the snow, embracing the short days and fighting the harsh winds, especially in Ottawa. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a warmer winter experience to look forward to? Well, there is one thing that […]

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