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Common Salt Water Swimming Pool Problems

And What You Need to Do When They Occur Many people dream of owning a beachfront property overlooking the ocean, and who can blame them? Taking a dip in the sea is not only fun and relaxing but is much better for your skin and easier on your eyes than spending some time in a […]

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How to Take Care of Saltwater Pools in the Winter

Things Every Pool Owner Should Know Saltwater pools are all the rage in Canada, and for good reason. The water is softer and gentler than chlorine water, and the maintenance is easier. However, it’s still vital that you care for your saltwater pool properly, especially in the winter. Closing your saltwater pool for the colder […]

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Check out these helpful tips for caring for salt water swimming pools in Ottawa throughout the year!

Caring For A Salt Water Pool – Ottawa Pools I Poolarama

Tips to Keep Your Salt Water Swimming Pool in Good Condition Year-Round Whether you have a salt water swimming pool, or you’re looking to make the switch, there are unique steps to caring for these pools year-round. Although with salt water systems you never have to buy chlorine again and will save plenty of time […]

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Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa can help you relax and embrace a number of health benefits.

Reasons to Choose a Salt Water Pool – Ottawa Pools I Poolarama

Switch to Salt Water for a Spa Experience at Home With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, it is time to start planning for summer and all the time you want to spend outside soaking up sun by the pool. You know the benefits of having a home swimming pool during hot, […]

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Salt water swimming pools are becoming more common for Ottawa pool owners - here's why.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools – Ottawa Pools I Poolarama

How Are Salt-Water Pools Low-Maintenance? As summer wraps up, many pool owners are secretly relieved. Pools are a great way to stay active and cool during the warmer months, but at what cost? While that may sound dramatic, those who own a chlorine-filled swimming pool understand the high maintenance upkeep that comes with it. Having […]

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Sun wearing sunglasses, reminding you to stay cool for summer.

The Great Chlorine Debate

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Salt Water Swimming Pool While Canada is known for harsh and bitter winters, we know that our summer weather can be just as extreme. As much as it’s important to stay warm in winters, Ottawa residents know how it is important to stay cool throughout the summer […]

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How salt water affects your pool

Making sure your salt water pool lasts without needing repairs  Many homeowners are switching from traditional chlorine to salt water pools for various reasons. But just like salt wears down cars and roads, there may be some effects of salt water on the pool itself. As long as you know how to properly care for […]

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Considering Salt Water Swimming Pools, Ottawa?

Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pools That Run on Salt, From Maintenance to Safety Covers Are you thinking about having a swimming pool installed in your back yard? That’s wonderful! But you’re now going to be faced with a number of choices between now and the point at which you’ll have your dream […]

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Salt Water Swimming Pools in Ottawa and the World!

The benefits of swimming in salt water have been known for centuries, and luckily, salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are now becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and their friends alike! If you are considering constructing a new pool in your backyard, or simply know it is time to convert your chlorination to a salt […]

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Salt water swimming pools Ottawa

Salt Water Pool Equipment – Ottawa Pools I Poolarama

Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are becoming an increasingly popular and fun choice for home owners who have discovered the benefits of naturally chlorinating their pool. Indeed, even one quick dip in a salt water pool has convinced the most infrequent swimmer: it’s refreshing, it leaves skin and hair feeling smoother, and it even […]

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